Photographer Privacy

The “Media Library” you see as a photographer is private and other photographers can not see your photos.  You will be Uploading your photos, or putting Titles, Captions, or Descriptions on them,  in your private library.

Other photographers and the public will only see photos you place in a “Photography Class’

If you want to “see photos by the competition ” or view all photos in each “Photography Class”,  you may click this link View All Photo Entries or the menu selection on the “Photographer’s Menu”.

Our Judges, the Public, and other Photographers can not see your name until the photo show is over and judging is completed.

The photos entered in our Photography Show are judged separately by “the Public” and a “Judging Panel”, which is effectively two photo contests.  When both contests are closed and judging is completed, we will publish the winners for both contests on this site.

Our show has rules for photographer entries here: Daffodil Photography Show Rules