Daffodil Photography Show Rules

The American Daffodil Society (ADS) Photography Show is an Internet competition for amateur photographers who enjoy taking pictures of daffodils and sharing them with others. We encourage members and the public to contribute images broadening and advancing our understanding of the daffodil, and enhancing our knowledge of the flower, the people who grow them, and the rapidly evolving art and technology of photography.

Our photography show features two concurrent competitions utilizing the same photographs. The “Judged Contest” will be judged by a panel of judges who have been selected by the ADS Photography Committee. The “People’s Choice contest” will be judged by the public.

Judging will be conducted by a panel of Photography and ADS Judges selected by the Photography Chair. Photos will be judged by the panel on originality, composition, technical excellence, overall impact, and artistic merit.

Judging Procedures | Awards |
Photographer Eligibility | Photo Eligibility | Procedures for Entering


Judging Procedures

  1. The Photography Committee has selected a variety of classes which relate to the specific subject being photographed (for example “daffodils in landscapes” or “daffodils with pets”). Classes may be subdivided and labeled with a suffix such as ‘a’ or ‘b’.
  2. A list of the classes for the Spring 2021 Photography Show can be found on the Show Classes page of this website.
  3. The photo classes are designed to encourage participation and provide more awards.
  4. Photographs will be judged on creativity, composition, craft and content.
  5. All judging decisions are final.
  6. The ADS reserves the right to reclassify, or remove photos for any reason.
  7. During the judging period photographers will be anonymous. After judging is complete and awards have been announced, photographer names will be displayed on photos.
  8. Entries retain the copyright of the photographer and may be used at the discretion of the American Daffodil Society in future displays, websites and publications.
  9. Judges of this photo show may not enter photos.


  1. The Judged “Best in Class” ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded when merited for each photo class. Honorable Mention ribbons may be given in classes where the top three awards are given. Because a point system is used, ties are possible and will be honored as such.
  2. The Wells Knierim “Best in Show” ribbon will be awarded to the photograph chosen by the judges as the best photograph in the show. In addition each judge may select a photograph that they consider the best entry and award it a “Judge’s Choice” Award.
  3. An ADS Youth Photography Award will be given for the best photograph in the youth classes.
  4. The Public “Best in Class” awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention will be awarded.
  5. The “Peoples’ Choice” awards will be given to the photographs chosen as ”Best in Show” by the public.


Photographer Eligibility

  1. The photography show is open to ADS members as well as the public.
  2. Participants in the photography show are encouraged to sign up for the 2021 Virtual National Convention so that they can enjoy our other events, however, this is not required.
  3. Photographers must be amateur photographers.
  4. You must register with your real name.
  5. There are no entry or registration fees for the photography show.
  6. You must be logged on the photography show site to enter photos.
  7. If you previously entered photos in the Fall 2020 Daffodil Photography show, your account is still enabled and you do not need to register again.
  8. Photographers, new to the contest, must register by completing the Photography Show Registration form. When you register, you will be asked to provide a user name, your email address, your first and last name, and your state or location. To help us reject sign-up-bots, please enter “I like daffodils” in the last input area.
  9. If you are under the age of 21, by the deadline of March 31, 2021, you may enter the youth photography competition. Please respond to the question “Youth Photographer?” by answering “Yes”.
  10. Individuals who are serving as photography judges may not enter photos in the show.


Photo Eligibility

  1. Photographs which have won a Wells Knierim Ribbon in the last six years at a national American Daffodil Society Photography Show are not eligible. This includes photographs by the same photographer which are substantially similar.
  2. Photographs that were awarded a blue ribbon in the Judges’ “Best in Class” or “Best in Show” awards in the previous Fall 2020 “Daffodil Photography Show” may not be entered.
  3. Photographs which have won awards at a local level daffodil show may be entered and are encouraged.
  4. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor and must include images of daffodils or daffodil parts.
  5. Images may be enhanced using photography software but all changes to the original image must be the work of the exhibitor.
  6. Each exhibitor may enter up to three (3) photographs in a photo class and up to fifteen (15) photographs total in the show. Photographers who exceed the show limit will be asked to remove their excess images. Before judging, the ADS will review photo counts and remove photos from classes that are exceeded.
  7. Photos are only entered in the contest when they are placed in a Photo Class. If you miss the step of classifying your photos, they will not be judged. You may come back later to update or change photo classes on any of your photos until the contest is closed for entries. If you decide to remove a photo from the competition, just “uncheck” the photo class for that photo.


Procedures for Entering

  1. If you did not enter photographs in the previous 2020 photo contest, please register by following our instructions on the How to register as a photographer page of this website.
  2. Detailed instructions and examples for uploading photographs are available on our How to Upload Photos page of this website.
  3. When you upload your photos, you will select the photo class that you believe is appropriate for your photo.
  4. Add interest and improve your photos by giving them titles, captions, and descriptions related to how you want the photo to be viewed.
  5. The photography committee may move photographs to another class and classes may be subdivided after photography entries are closed.
  6. Since you will be submitting your photos via the Internet, you will be automatically identified as the photographer and each photo will also be assigned a unique number.
  7. If you enter a photo of a single or set of cultivars or species with the same name, please indicate the name of the daffodil.