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ADS fall "Daffodil Photography Show"

Our photo contest consists of submitted photos grouped into these classes. Please click on any button below to view or vote for photos in each class.

Photo Class Description Click to Vote in Class
P1a.1 Daffodils Wild in their Native HabitatsDaffodils Wild in their Native Habitats
P1a.2 Daffodils Close-up in Native HabitatsDaffodils Close-up in native habitats
P1a.3 Daffodils in Natural SettingsDaffodils in Natural Settings
P1b.1 Daffodils in the LandscapeDaffodils in Landscape
P1b.2 Daffodils in a Formal Landscape touched by humans.Daffodils in a Formal Landscape touched by humans.
P1b.3 Daffodils Close-up in the GardenDaffodils Close-up in Garden.
P2a.1 Single Stems,Portraits of a single stem daffodil. A stem may have one bloom or multiple florets.
P2a.2 Single bloom stem, all of yellow daffodils,Portrait of Single Stem all yellow daffodil. A stem may have one bloom or multiple florets.
P2a.3 Single bloom stem with pinkPortrait of Single Stem with Pink in the Corona (cup) or Perianth (petals)
P2a.4 Single bloom with white perianthsSingle bloom with white perianths (petals)
P2a.5 Single Bloom with white perianths and yellow cupSingle Bloom with white perianth and yellow cup
P2b.1 Multiple Stems of same cultivar in a displayPortraits of multiple stems of the same cultivar. Each stem may have single blooms or multiple florets.
P2b.2 Multiple stems of the same cultivar growing naturallyMultiple daffodil stems growing outside. Each stem may have single blooms or multiple florets. Growing in nature.
P2b.3 Historic or Species daffodilPortrait of a historic or species bloom.
P3a.1 Daffodils and PeopleShowing, growing, working, posing, or in the garden with daffodils.
P3a.3 Daffodils with People ShowingDaffodils with people showing them.
P3a.4 Daffodils and ChildrenDaffodils with Children posing, showing, or photographing.
P3b.1 Daffodils with Animals / InsectsDaffodils with Non Domestic Animals, Birds, Insects, and Spiders. Includes all life forms excluding people, Cats and Dogs
P3b.2 Daffodils with Cats and DogsMan's and Woman's Best Friends, Family members with tails
P4a Daffodils Composed Beginning with classic style compositionsA Still-Life with static, inanimate elements telling a story using objects such as tools, books, bulbs, and plant labels to explore a daffodil theme.
P4b Moving the still life outdoorsMoving the still life outdoors. A still-life with static, inam-made elements telling a story.
P4c Other designsOther designs
P5a Daffodils from another point of view, manipulated, abstracted, swirled imagesMacro manipulated, deconstructed or abstracted images, seeing daffodils in a unique way.
P5b Other views and shapesOther views and shapes using daffodils
P6a Single daffodils in bloom NowNaturally blooming or forced daffodils blooming now. You may include any daffodil(s) blooming during our photo contest. If you wish to show an "elapsed time or days" set of photos of a single cultivar, you may enter up to 10 photos for the series.
P6b Daffodils in Display nowDaffodils blooming now in Displays
P7a Youth Photographer - Single StemsOpportunities for young photographers to be recognized for their photos. Any single stem daffodil related photo may be entered by youth through age 20. Youth may also compete in other classes against adults.
P7b Youth Photographer - Muliple StemsAny multiple stem daffodil related photo may be entered by youth through age 20.
P8a Daffodil Chronicles about peopleDaffodils telling a story about people, places, events, or in your imagination.
P8b Daffodils about another storyDaffodils telling another story that does not have people.