How to register as a photographer

Photographers must register to participate in our “Daffodil Photography Show”.

Step 1:  Complete the Registration Form on the website: Register

Please provide a username, your e-mail address, your first and last names, and your state or region. If you are a “Youth” up to and including age 20, respond to the question “Youth Photographer?” by answering “Yes”.

To help us reject sign-up-bots, please enter “I like daffodils” in the last input area. Pre-registration is encouraged.

This is an example of what a “filled in” photographer registration form looks like for a hypothetical person called “Bob”.

Mouse “Click” any image to see a larger one.

Step 2:  After you click the blue “Register” button, you will see this page on the web site:

At the same time, or a minute or two later, you will receive a verification link via an e-mail to the address you entered on the registration form.  Please click the blue Verification URL.  This confirms you have given a valid email address.

This image is an example of  the Verification e-mail “Bob” received.

Step 3: After you click the URL,  you will see a page like this which just means to wait for registration approval.

Step 4: When the site administrator approves your account, you will receive a “Welcome e-mail” with login information.

Passwords are generated randomly and are very hard to remember so we recommend you use your web browser “save password” feature to remember for you.

This image is an example of the Welcome e-mail “Bob” received.

This is not a registration step, but to log in to enter your photos, you will go to this page: Photo Logon

This page will look like this:

After you logon you will see a “Dashboard” page that looks similar to this example.  As a photographer you will start all your photo handling here.     There are three things to do here, upload photos, add titles, and select “Photo Classes”.  You may chose to upload single photos or several at one time, but each photo can go in only one “Photo Class” at a time.

The “Dashboard” page describes the three steps you should do to enter one or more photos in the “Daffodil Photography Show”. Please see the  individual help pages for more details: How to Upload Photos How to Add Photo Titles, and How to select a Photo Class

You can see the public view of the web site by clicking the link on the top left area that has the “Home” icon.

Later to return to the “Dashboard”, just click the dashboard icon to go back to photo handling.


If you have questions please use this contact form: Questions or Comments.