Daffodil Photography Show Classes3

P-1a Daffodils Wild – Daffodils Tamed Daffodils in nature.

P-1b Daffodils Wild – Daffodils Tamed Daffodils in the landscape

P-2a Daffodils Observed – Single daffodil blooms Portraits of a single daffodil bloom close-up.

P-2b Daffodils Observed – Multiple daffodil blooms Portraits of multiple blooms of the same cultivar.

P-3a Daffodils and People Showing, growing, working, posing, or in the garden with daffodils.

P-3b Daffodils and other animate genera Daffodils and other animate genera including all life forms excluding people and possibly viruses.

P-4 Daffodils Composed A Still-Life with static, inanimate elements telling a story using objects such as tools, books, bulbs, and plant labels to explore a daffodil theme.

P-5 Daffodils from another point of view Macro manipulated, deconstructed or abstracted images, seeing daffodils in a unique way.

P-6 Daffodils in bloom Now around the world, a time sensitive Class of naturally blooming or forced daffodil flowers and plants. Must include a time stamp (August 20 — September 26). The Photographer may enter up to ten images in this class.

P-7 Youth Photographer This class offers more opportunities for young photographers to be recognized for their photos. Any daffodil related photo may be entered by youth through age 20. Youth photographers may also compete in other classes against adults.

Classes may be further sub-divided as needed.